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Play the GAME OF THRONES with This Cool Fan-Made Interactive Poster

Play the GAME OF THRONES with This Cool Fan-Made Interactive Poster

With the amount of bloodshed on Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that people have tried to gamify it in any number of ways (cough cough our fantasy fantasy league cough). But at the risk of sounding modest, we daresay that Comfort Love and Adam Withers have done all of us one better: they turned all that political and bloody trickery into a fun poster with an interactive element! It’s everything you never knew you wanted in a Game of Thrones play-along poster.

Comfort Love and Adam Withers — the husband and wife creative force behind comics The Uniques, The Uniques Tales, and Rainbow in the Dark — are, like so many of us, big fans of the George R.R. Martin novel series turned best-television-show-ever (Hyperbole you say? Nay!). So what do creative cool nerds such as they do when presented with a fun opportunity? They run with it. And when fans saw their badass posters featuring so many of our favorite Westerosi characters, they demanded the concept behind the spoilerized version (with labels regarding their status as of season 3) be taken one step further and turned into a sort of game.

So, they did! Creating two versions of the poster (featuring spoilers and non) and then an accompanying set of labels (even with a few you can write your own titles on), the printable poster can be yours for the using — and who doesn’t enjoy a fun, visual way to keep track of all its myriad machinations, movements, and deaths.

Pick your poison (spoiler-filled or not) and your labels in the gallery below, print, and get to slayin’.

Anyone else totally printing this out and putting it above their desks? Let’s discuss in the comments.


  1. Luis says:

    Fun fact!  it’s also based off of the Days of Future Past cover! :)

  2. I love the photo of the guy in the game “So much death” Lol. What’s wrong with us?

  3. Brian says:

    you didn’t even mention it’s based on X-Men.  and you call yourselves nerds…