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Play Games w/ Team Nerdist For Extra Life Saturday

What are you doing Saturday? Take today to get over your trick or treat sugar induced coma because this weekend the children need you. Team Nerdist is locking it down here at headquarters to play video games for 24 straight hours. Do you want to help raise some money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals? Join Team Nerdist by signing up and tell your friends to sponsor you! We’ll be live streaming the full 24 hours in a Google hangout on the Nerdist Google+ page. Can Dan and Brian survive the entire night? Will Brian be able to last long enought to finish the marathon Fonzi style with a game of Just Dance?

extralife2012_300x250To sign up for Team Nerdist and help us reach our goal of $10k go to the Extra Life Team Nerdist page and click “Join This Team.” We’ll be livestreaming the entire 24 hours from our Google+ page in a google hangout. Join the team, join the hangout and we may just pull you into a game. Friends of Nerdist expected to drop by at random intervals include Alison Haislip, Michele Morrow, Castle‘s Molly Quinn and so many more surprise guests you’ll wonder how all of them managed to clear their Saturday.

Right now, Katy Malark is leading Team Nerdist in donations. Can’t beat her? Join her on Team Nerdist and together we’ll try to collectively raise at least $10,000.¬†We’re going to have some sick for 4 on 4 Halo death matches. But you know who shouldn’t be sick in a death match? Kids. Donate to Extra Life or register to play today. Because let’s leave sick death matches to the gamers, not kids.

Are you unable to commit to playing video games for 24 hours? Please share this article or out donation page. If you want to sponsor a gamer, pick someone on Team Nerdist and make their day by donating.