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As horror fans, most of us remember the fun anthology films of the 80s. Creepshow, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Tales From The Darkside and as the years have gone on, the anthology horror movie has mostly fallen out of favor. There has been a resurgence as of late on television with genre shows like True Detective and American Horror Story taking the approach and the V/H/S series appears to be going strong with the third entry expected later this year. Additionally, the last real throwback to the feature length horror anthologies we all know and love was 2007’s Trick ‘R Treat, a fantastic movie that unfortunately, due to studio shenanigans, never got the release or acclaim that it deserved, and only now through home entertainment is being seen by more and more people.

Enter The Mortuary Collection, a Kickstarter project proposed by director Ryan Spindell and Trapdoor Pictures, looking to take audiences back to when horror was both scary and fun. The Mortuary Collection is a stylized, live-action horror anthology film that fuses the surreal storytelling of The Twilight Zone with the goopy aesthetics of Tales From The Crypt. Loaded with unexpected twists, dark humor and genuine scares, The Mortuary Collection is classic horror for a contemporary audiences.

Mortuary art

Backers of The Mortuary Collection are also treated to awesome perks including promotional art prints by E. M. Gist, The Mortuary Collection comic book, props and hand-painted prints by in-house concept artist Karl Slominski.

So what are you waiting for?! The Mortuary Collection only has FOUR DAYS TO GO to hit its $50,000 goal. Donate to The Mortuary Collection Kickstarter right now!

And as an added bonus, check out Trapdoor Pictures documentary short film We Come In Pieces: The Rebirth of the Horror Anthology Film which is a great watch on its own.

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