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Pickstarter: Put Dinosaurs on Your Feet With Tricera Hi-Tops

Pickstarter: Put Dinosaurs on Your Feet With Tricera Hi-Tops

Archaix Laboratories has examined our society and determined that some of our problems stem from a lack of wearable dinosaurs. I don’t disagree with their assessment, and I’m glad someone is tackling the serious problems. To improve the world, Archaix conceived the Tricera Hi-Tops. A punny play on words and a rad dinosaur sneaker design? Someone give these folks a key to Jurassic Park. Or, barring that, give them some money via Kickstarter to help them meet a minimum order so they can bring a herd of dinosaur footwear into the world.

Tricera Hi-Tops come in both kid and adult sizes and are made of sturdy materials that are most assuredly not dinosaur pelts. While they aren’t meant for running marathons, they can handle everyday wear and tear or small battles with carnivores. The shoes do come with horns after all. And guess what? They’re slip-ons. My favorite. You don’t have to mess with annoying laces; the Tricera Hi-Tops are secured to your feet with velcro.

Besides a ridiculously creative product design, Archaix Laboratories has come up with one of the most fun Kickstarter videos I’ve seen:

You can back the Tricera Hi-Tops campaign at various levels ranging from $12 to $176. Their rewards are straightforward – which I prefer over having to choose from 5,000 options. You can get the shoes in adult sizes for $99 or other Tricera Hi-Tops apparel like sunglasses and a polo shirt. Basically, you can cover yourself in Triceratops gear from head to toe. Do your part to help dinosaurs roam the Earth again over at Kickstarter.


  1. Chris Diller says:

    Perfect for the kid who wants an excuse not to have to play kickball! LOL. Great video, fun product. 

  2. Devo says:

    Has anyone else noticed that they aren’t actually hi-tops? 

  3. apuncalypse says:

    why the hell didn’t they just call them Tricera-Tops?