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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 9/16

Welcome back, your dreams were your ticket out. Welcome Back, to that same old place… wait. My intro has gone off course and now I’m just typing lyrics to the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song, though it is slightly appropriate, as crowdfunding is giving more and more people an opportunity to pursue their dreams. The three dreams we’re highlighting this week include a new party based RPG from Obsidian, a slightly unromantic comedy web series, and a book to help aspiring artists master their chosen craft.

Pick #1 – Project Eternity by Obsidian

Obsidian wants to make a new RPG that combines all the elements of the classic RPGs their founders love. Specifically hoping to pay tribute to games that use the Infinity Engine, they want to combine elements like the exploration of Baldur’s Gate and the storytelling of Planetscape: Torment. Project Eternity will be an isometric, party based fantasy RPG, so look forward to wielding lots of magic and collecting lots of companions.

Pick #2 – Romantic Encounters with Melinda Hill

Melinda Hill’s webseries Romantic Encounters features the comedienne getting into awkward situations in her dating life as she tries to meet a guy worth keeping. The first three episodes feature guest performances from TJ Miller, Kirk Fox and Taylor Negron as Melinda’s potential suitors, with disastrous/hilarious results. The laughs on this show come from a place of morbid empathy, with Melinda put through the ringer in her attempts to find the right guy.

Pick #3 – I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook and Reference Guide

If you want to get good at something, you have to practice, that’s just how it is. But almost more importantly, you have to practice correctly. Studying and training while using bad form will just reinforce bad form. IDRAWCOMICS is a sketchbook and reference guide designed to teach artists to move their talent from basic sketching to drawing comics and fully capitalizing on the medium.


  1. Ben Z says:

    I don’t have a gaming PC, otherwise, I would back Project Eternity.