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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 7/29

Web series, web series, web series, everywhere you look someone is starting an inspired new show on the web. This week we’re going to pause our regular coverage and highlight three series that caught our fancy.

Pick #1 – Agent 88: The Web Series

Former toymaker Digger T. Mesch, who created Minimates, has reinvented himself as a filmmaker after a long stay in the Far East. While he has a number of projects on deck in various media, Agent 88 appears to be the strongest one – a web series about an 88 year-old English woman on the verge of senile dementia… who also happens to be the world’s greatest assassin. Conventional Hollywood studios likely balked when pitched the concept of Kill Bill meets Mr. Magoo, so he went out and shot the first episode himself, and now seeks funds to complete post-production. Given Digger’s connections in the entertainment world, the goodies big donors can get here are better than most, and in some cases only available via Kickstarter: Agent 88 Minimates, custom coffin guitar cases, exclusive comics and more. We can dig it.

Pick #2 – Shelf Life

Yuri Lowenthal’s Shelf Life is heading into a fourth season of production and is looking for the fans to help make it a reality. The adventures of action figures when no one is looking has a cult following on the interwebs… okay, as Lowenthal puts it, “It’s Toy Story with more sex, drugs and insanity.” Well when you put it like that, Buzz and Woody don’t seem so innocent after all.

Pick #3 – Geek and Gamers Anonymous

GAGA is a sitcom about three gamers who decide they need help with their gaming addiction and join a support group. A preview episode has been cut together which is available for viewing here. The series was created by Katrina Hill (perhaps you know her as Action Flick Chick?) and will follow the girls as they try to find alternatives to their gaming obsessions. There’s a GAGA joke I could use at the end here, but it just feels like low hanging fruit.