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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 7/1

This week’s Pickstarter finds us celebrating something old, something new, something yellow and something blue.

Pick #1 – Super Retro Squad

Fans of retro 2D platforming rejoiced at the release of Super Mario Bros. Crossover: our favorite characters brought together to play though one of the greatest games of all time. But SMBC creator Exploding Rabbit isn’t content with just reliving the past, they want to bring the gaming style we love into the future with Super Retro Squad, a completely new adventure with a team based on some of favorite video game heroes. How will the new heroes compare to the old? Well, here’s hoping we don’t meet Gario the Cable Guy.

Pick #2 – Pon & Zi Artbook: The Complete Pon & Zi

If you aren’t familiar with Pon & Zi, you should educate yourself immediately. The two characters wear their emotions on their sleeves and are often put in heartwarming yet hilarious circumstances because of it. Pon & Zi comics have become staples of Reddit and shared regularly within our social circles, so isn’t it time they found their way onto your shelf? The artbook will contain every webcomic of the lovable pair and a few extra surprises. Now instead of sharing your emotions with others, you can just point to the strip that suits your situation.

Pick #3 – The Desktop Ballista

Do you feel defenseless when your boss or co-worker come to your desk to torment you or worse, expect you to actually work? Give them pause by proudly displaying a working scale model of a Roman ballista. Used two millennia ago to defend the empire, this tiny version of the Roman pre-crossbow will launch toothpicks at any who dare cross into your territory. Now you can defend your space or your custom made Elseworlds’ Roman Batman action figure has a new tool in his arsenal.

Rob Paulsen Sings an Updated-for-2017 Version of

Rob Paulsen Sings an Updated-for-2017 Version of "Yakko's World" from ANIMANIACS, Live

Atari Is Making a New Console For the First Time in Over 20 Years

Atari Is Making a New Console For the First Time in Over 20 Years

BATMAN #25 Will See a Big Change in the Joker (Exclusive Preview)

BATMAN #25 Will See a Big Change in the Joker (Exclusive Preview)



  1. Here is my favorite on going crowdsourcing/nerdsourcing project. Gladstone has been writing and recording his show Hate by Numbers for years. A couple of years ago the website that hosted HBN was bought out by AOL and shut down. Gladstone brought back HBN as a fan subsidized project. For every $2,000 he collects he will make 4 episodes. He has done 12 episodes so far!

    It is time once again to raise another $2,000. Head over to . Watch some of the videos. If it is something you like then please help support this project in any way that you can. This can be watching and liking the videos, telling your friends or donating. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,