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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 6/24

Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 6/24

This week we’re taking a look at a zombie movie for the Comic-Con set, a comic that unleashes monsters on the bullies of the world, and a web series that wants to apply Final Fantasy and Buffy production values to its show.

Pick #1 – Z*Con: A Feature Length Film

The Walking Dead Escape may give us a good idea of what would happen to our sports stadiums during the zombie apocalypse, but what if it happened at one of our beloved comic conventions? Z*Con hopes to answer that. The proposed film will follow four teen podcasters as the live tweet armageddon from inside a comic con. The filmmakers describe the project as “Goonies meets Shaun of the Dead set in… well.. a comic convention.” Let’s just hope there is a Chunk and Sloth zombie duo to root for. “Sloth love Chunk.”

Pick #2 – The Creators: “Bullied”

Unleashing your imaginary friends on bullies may not solve your problems, but it does make for a damn interesting concept for a comic book, especially when said imaginary friends are giant monsters that can be made real with a thought. The Creators are a group of kids who have gained the ability to bring their drawings to life, and young Ian isn’t in the most nurturing atmosphere. He’s tormented by bullies constantly and starts pushing back through his creations. I guess Ian never thought about drawing Hobbes?

Pick #3 – Chronicles of Syntax

What if when Kyle Reese went back in time to save Sarah Connor, his mission was erased from his memory the moment he arrived in the past? That’s what Chronicle of Syntax’s heroine Sian is dealing with, as she has to find her team sent back from the future and remind them of their mission to save the world. This web series is being produced in the UK and is described by creator Susan E. Clarke as “an MMO inspired Sci-fi/Fantasy series with a flavour of Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Final Fantasy.” Now we can’t stop imagining a Buffy/Spike/Sephiroth love triangle.



  1. Hafzan says:

    I love you. And I totally stealkd your Youtube. The rock video made me think about the time in 6th grade a “friend” threw a rock at me and it hit me in the left eye, then the next year when we had vision tests, I failed for the first time and had to go to the eye doctor and they told me I had astigmatism in my left eye.I should go to bed.