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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 6/10

This week we take a look at a Potter fan’s wet dream, a simple yet engaging strategy game and new way to learn about Portland that doesn’t revolve around a certain IFC TV show.

Pick #1 – Auror’s Tale: A Potter Fan Series

Holy Crookshanks! We make no effort to hide our love of Harry Potter around here (Check out this pick of my office at Nerdist News for proof), and this series looks like the perfect outlet for those of us that want to see more adventures in the Potter-verse. We’ll actually get out of the way and let the trailer speak for itself:

Pick #2 – Auro: A Turn Based, Cross Platform Tactics Game

With all the glitz and pomp of E3 happening last week, we were pleased to see this clever and simply elegant looking game pop up on Kickstarter. You play as Auro, a spoiled prince, set to complete a task in the dungeons of the castle. The gameplay mechanics look simple, but the enemies and level design will require some planning and thought. We can always appreciate a game that makes the challenge the game and not complicated controls and menus.

Pick #3 – Know Your City: Portland’s Social History App

Around here we love Portland. The jewel of the Pacific Northwest is a shining light for all. Sure, Portlandia has a bit of fun with the denizens of the city, but as evidenced in the Live Podcast, we have a big heart-on for the hipster loving town. If you’re unfamiliar with Portland or just want to get to know it better, there’s an app for that. At least, there could be. Know Your City is developing an app to take users on a walking tour of Portland and fill the user in on the history of the city with their location based app. Hopefully the app will be able to finally help us know the difference between Bridgetown and Stumptown.

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    Pledged the Auror’s Tale! Thanks for posting this!