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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 11/04

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled across this week’s Pickstarter (or you’ve come here on purpose. We take all kinds). This week we’re featuring a Hollywood-set webseries of intrigue and creepiness, a comic that delivers ninjitsu to your doorstep, and a “God game” that would make HAL blush.

Pick #1 – Ceremony

Ceremony is being included this week on the strength of its creep-tacular trailer alone. Taking a Twin Peaks and Twilight Zone vibe and applying it to the cut-throat world of the Hollywood filmmaking community has been touched on in other horror anthologies, but something about the self aware nature of the web series has us very intrigued.

Pick #2 – Mail Order Ninja

According to Splinter, ninjitsu is the art of invisibility, and when you don’t want anyone knowing about something you’ve bought you order it via mail, making the combination of the two in Mail Order Ninja the most appropriate amalgamation of all time. This is what fans of the story have to look forward to in the next edition straight from Josh Elder himself from our interview with him in TOKYOPOP powered by Nerdist: “10-year old Timmy McAllister and his mail order ninja, Jiro Yoshida, have successfully freed the town of Cherry Creek, IN from the well-manicured clutches of evil rich girl Felicity Dominique Huntington andĀ herĀ mail order ninja, Hakuuryu Nobunaga. Now it’s back to the usual ninja hijinx (or ninjinx, if you will), including a visit to the San Diego Shinobi Con and a showdown with the 7 Deadly Fans!”

Pick #3 – Maia

You are the Maia colony’s only hope for growth and prosperity in this god game from Simon Roth. After 14 years of terraforming, the planet is ready for human habitation, but with meteors constantly bombarding the surface, you must collect the materials needed to build a hospitable place to live. With a visual aesthetic inspired by ’70’s sci-fi (think 2001, Alien, and THX-1138) and gameplay modeled after the ’90’s “God games” from the likes of Peter Molyneux, this is one game that definitely deserves to not be lost in space.

Additional reporting by Dan Casey.