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Pickstarter: Our Favorite Crowdfunded Projects 10/7

Welcome back to Pickstarter, our weekly look at the world of crowdfunding. This week we’ve included a campaign to get a “Star of the Dead” on Hollywood Blvd., a web-series that pits our favorite heroines against each other in reality tv show house, and a comic that proves your worst day could be monstrously worse. Enjoy.

Pick #1 – Get George Romero a Star on the Walk of Fame

When no one was paying attention, a disservice to the Hollywood community was committed. Somewhere in his over 50 year career, no one took on the task of getting George Romero a star on the Walk of Fame. The godfather of all zombie films has been overlooked for receiving this particular accolade for years, and it’s time we put a stop to the slight. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (the organization that maintains the Hollywood Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard) doesn’t solicit recipients of the honor. Actors, directors, and celebrities are able to apply for a star, pay the maintenance fee for the spot, and, after a review of their achievements, get a ceremony on the walk of fame. In many cases the hefty fee is paid by a film studio trying to promote an actor or director’s latest venture. In George Romero’s case, no studio has ever stepped up, so it’s up to the fans.

Pick #2 – BAMF Girls Club

What happens when Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan, Buffy Summers, Hermione Granger, Lisbeth Salander, and Michonne from The Walking Dead all move into a house together to show what happens when people stop being polite and start getting really funny? Lots of snarky and hilarious back and forth between our favorite female protagonists, of course. The BAMF Girls Club is looking to finance more episodes, and they want your help to do it. Check out the first episode right here:

Pick #3 – Martin Monsterman: A Graphic Novel

Martin Monsterman is cursed daily. Sometimes his curse can be fun, sometimes it can be the worst day of his life. Martin is cursed to become a different monster everyday and experience all the benefits (and side effects) that come with transforming into legendary creatures of power and magic. Developed by Manny Trembley, Martin Monsterman is going to be the first book from FishTank Books. The title will follow Martin as he travels the world trying to find a way to end the curse with his two best friends. The art on the book is slick and stylized and the dialogue looks to be funny enough to back up the concept. Allow our collective growl to show our approval: “Rarr.”


  1. Thanks for the shout out! “Raarrr!” Right back at ya.

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  3. x says:

    “What happens when Katniss Everdeen, Bella Swan, Buffy Summers, Hermione Granger, Lisbeth Salander, and Michonne from The Walking Dead all move into a house together”

    Um you mean AFTER Katniss, Buffy, Michonne, Lisbeth and Hermione, kick the S**T outta bella for setting womens lib back 3 decades?