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Pickstarter: Noble Patrons of KILL SHAKESPEARE, Your Board Game Has Arrived

Pickstarter: Noble Patrons of KILL SHAKESPEARE, Your Board Game Has Arrived

To fund, or not to fund: That is the question fans of the Kill Shakespeare comic series should have no problem answering with regard to IDW’s newly launched Kickstarter campaign for Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game. This Kickstarter run marks IDW’s first entry into the world of table top games as well as its first Kickstarter campaign altogether.

KillShakespeareIDW described the game as an area control board game that mixes competitive elements with a nice blend of cooperative play to keep players on their toes. Players will be able to assume the roles of Hamlet, Viola, Falstaff, Othello, and Juliet as they fight to protect the land from the evil powers of Lady Macbeth and King Richard III. Just like the comic, you’ll find yourself encountering a slew of Shakespeare’s most lovable and loathsome characters, who can either help or hinder you on your journey to murdering Big Will.

Oh, IDW, thou art as glorious to this night. Can you imagine how fun this game would be foolishly attempting to speak in blank verse the entire time? Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game is scheduled to begin shipping in June 2014, but you have until March 15 to pledge and bring this game to center-stage.

Check out this short synopsis on what to expect from the Kill Shakespeare table top adventure:

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  1. Geoff says:

    Is it just me, or does that fellow on the uncomfortable chair look exactly like the Burger King?