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Pickstarter: Nightwing, Frosty, and Tailly

This week we’re looking to kick some start into three more crowdfunded projects, from a new fan series about our favorite former boy wonder to a way to wag your tail, and even an alt sci-fi art project to get your weird season of wonderment started properly.

Pick #1 – Nightwing: The Series

Were you a big fan of Batgirl: Spoiled with Marisha Ray or the short Grayson? If so you may want to check out another fan film called Nightwing: The Series. It’s a web series about Nightwing, in case anyone was fooled by the title into thinking otherwise. The trailer for the series gives a hint at the tone the show wants to take, and while Dick’s voice is a little younger than one would hope for, we’re excited to see what they come up with for Grayson’s adventures in Bluhaven.

Pick #2 –Frosty: Twas the Night Before the Apocalypse

Like your Christmas tales with a little extra oomph? Frosty is a highly stylized art book with a comic book appeal and full narrative. The story being played out in disturbing visuals is an alien invasion on Christmas Eve, all being presented to us by a demented snow man named Frosty. You’ve seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians; well, this time, Missus Claus is going to kick their ass.

Here is some preliminary art from the project:

Pick #3 – Tailly: The Tail that Wags When You Get Excited

If you’re familiar with “neurowear” you may have come across some necomimi ears, cat ears that respond to your brainwave activity and move accordingly. Now to go with those ears comes Tailly, the tail that wags based on your heart rate. If your heart rate is up and you’re excited, the tail wags quickly. If you’re calm, it just sways slowly. Not having to talk to convey your emotions when you’re in full on Furry mode: priceless.