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Pickstarter: “Mortifera” Comics and “Job Hunters” Season 2

It’s been a big week for Kickstarters as Veronica Mars came out of retirement to break all kinds of records and hearts, but there’s more going on in the world of crowd funding than just the return of people with whom we used to be friends. This week, we’re also taking a look at a couple of hunters for both demons and jobs.

Pick #1 – Mortifera Graphic Novel

In Mortifera, two medieval Irish demon hunters summon a demon of there own to hunt down supernatural adversaries. Think Supernatural meets Game of Thrones. With great character design and a rich mythology, Mortifera satisfies in a quest for fun, light fantasy adventuring. The first three issues of the series are available for download on

Pick #2 – Job Hunters

If you think getting a job in this economy is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Job Hunters takes the act of head hunting seriously, as the show takes the interview process out of the office and into the Thunderdome. A cross somewhere between The Office and The Hunger Games, the lengths to which these contestants will go for gainful employment is both disturbing and hilarious.