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Pickstarter: MEGA MAN Board Game Raises Over 415K

Pickstarter: MEGA MAN Board Game Raises Over 415K

When Keiji Inafune brought a dream team of veteran Mega Man developers together to make Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to the classic Mega Man games, word of the Kickstarter campaign spread like wildfire, with the original $900,000 goal being eclipsed and the campaign finishing with $3,845,170 raised. Now, Mega Man continues his dominance on Kickstarter, with his board game exceeding goal expectations by more than 592 percent.

MegaManBoardThe campaign for the board game ended over the weekend, raising a total of $415,041 and arm-blasting the original $70,000 goal to high hell. Jasco Games, the folks behind the campaign, whom you also may know from the card game Universal Fighting System, had a slew of stretch goals in place that unlocked goodies such as limited edition Mega Man dice and fully colored game pieces. They’re actually keeping Paypal funding open for folks who want to further fund the project and reach more stretch goals.

The game is set to hit this October, with anyone who pledged $70 or more being guaranteed to have their table top graced by this awesomeness. So what have we learned today, folks? If you want to be successful on Kickstarter, include Mega Man or his likeness anywhere in your campaign. Sounds easy enough, right? And on that note: inb4 Mega Man movie Kickstarter campaign surfaces.

HT: Jasco Games, Kickstarter