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Pickstarter: Help Make the New Anamanaguchi Album Into Something More

Our favorite hyper pop punk chiptune band Anamanaguchi released its latest 22 track album on Earwolf yesterday, and it’s all the glitchy goodness that you need to keep the fresh vibes flowing into summertime. If you haven’t heard these guys yet (and that’s a near impossibility if you listen to The Nerdist Podcast, since the theme song is the band’s own “Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues”), they make all their music from a circuit-bent NES that makes you feel like your life is a video game, and Endless Fantasy, which samples heavily from Majora’s Mask, is no exception. Thanks to their AMA on Reddit, they’ve spread the word about their super duper successful Kickstarter campaign, which has some seriously kick-ass incentives.


Anamanaguchi’s creative decision to make Endless Fantasy without the help of a label took over three years, and has now inspired the band to expand the project to even more ambitious levels. Their goals include making more music videos, bringing better lighting to shows, awesome vocal collaborations, merch, and interactive web projects; Basically, it all includes insanely creative perks that ultimately give back to the fans. And with incentives like a fully loaded, tricked-out NES cartridge that plays unreleased music and printed lenticulars of the popular Paul Robertson Anamanaguchi gif (Side note: if you haven’t checked out Paul Robertson’s bizarrely sexual, creepy pixel art, we highly recommend you check them out here) to name only a few, how could you not back these gents? If the price is right, they’ll even write you a personal theme song and teach you a lesson in chiptune. Now that the project is fully backed, we’re so excited to see the radness that these guys deliver.


Check out Endless Fantasy streaming here

Anamanaguchi’s Kickstarter  here

Did you read the Anamanaguchi AMA or have you been following the Kickstarter? What do you think of the new album? Let us know! Post below….

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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for reminding me of their existance, just realised they’re in ottawa this wednesday. will deffenetly hit that up !!

  2. Sebastian says:

    Nice write-up, Whitney. Anamanaguchi is one of a kind and deserves all their success.