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Pickstarter: Hannah Hart’s “Hello Harto” and Bill Plympton’s “Cheatin'”

Welcome back to Pickstarter; Hope you enjoyed the holidays. This week we’re highlighting our favorite kitchen heroine, Hannah Hart, as she tries to get a tour off the ground, and taking a look at Bill Plympton’s latest animated effort, Cheatin’.

Pick #1 – Hello, Harto!

The always hilarious Hannah Hart is taking her hit YouTube show My Drunk Kitchen on the road, and she needs her fans’ help to do it. Hannah’s unique sense of comedy and culinary skills will be on display as she travels the country taping vlogs, meeting fans, and recording new episodes from fans’ kitchens. Probably more awesome than the tour itself are the rewards Hannah is giving out for donators. Did you ever want to marry Ms. Hart? Well, for $25, the reward is you get a marriage certificate confirming your e-polygamy with Hannah. Also up for grabs are batches of cookies, a private Google hangout, and a personalized video all from the bottom of Hannah’s Hart. (I feel awful about it too, just go on to the next one…)

Pick #2 – Bill Pympton’s Cheatin

Bill Plympton is currently working to complete his 7th feature length animated film, Cheatin’, and unlike his previous efforts, this film will be fully painted colors over his drawings. The process will be a little more time-consuming than normal, and Bill needs to hire extra artists to complete the work. The film is fairly adult oriented, inspired by the work of┬áJames M. Cain, who created Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice. Don’t expect this animation to be for the kids; Bill has always taken great pains to make it clear that animation is for adults, too, and this film will be a stark reminder of that.