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Pickstarter: FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY

It’s hard to make a convincing Kickstarter video that will also keep our Internet-spoilt attention spans captivated, so hats off to filmmakers Jeff Grace and Ryland Aldrich for giving us one that totally doesn’t suck. Folk Hero & Funny Guy will be the directorial debut of Jeff Grace, known for his starring role in the Todd Berger comedy It’s a Disaster, which also starred David Cross, Julia Styles, and America Ferrera. Jeff also penned the script, based loosely on musician Adam Ezra, who is composing music for the film.

The description: Folk Hero & Funny Guy stars Alex Karpovsky of Girls and Tiny Furniture fame as Paul, a musician whose career is just beginning to take off and who reconnects with an old childhood friend, a much less successful aspiring stand-up comedian. After the two friends bond one evening while Paul is passing through town on tour, he offers his friend the opportunity to open up for his shows, thus beginning a road trip perfectly suited to buddy comedy shenanigans.


The film makers are also giving out a bevy of very cool incentives to contributors, including creative work by those involved in the film and exclusive pieces from production. Donators can win a water color portrait of themselves by Alex Karpofsky, a stand up comedy class, a happy birthday video from musician Liza Oppenheimer, who also stars in the film, and a bunch of other neat-o shit. For more info, check out the Kickstarter page. The Kickstarter has 14 days to go.

What sort of incentives make you want to support a Kickstarter project? Have you any projects you’re excited about supporting? Let us know by leaving a quemment below or telling me on Twitter!