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Pickstarter Extra: The Veronica Mars Movie

Greetings fellow Marshmallows,

After too many years without Veronica Mars on our airwaves, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell are taking the bull by the horns and making the Veronica Mars movie with the fans. If you aren’t a follower of the adventures of the Neptune High gang and their sleuth ring leader, then you haven’t experienced mid-2000s teen television the way it was meant to be done… well. The Kickstarter went up today and already has over $1 million dollars towards their modest $2 million goal for a movie of this size.  This is the first Kickstarter I’m aware of that has a major studio agreeing to distribute if they hit their goals, so pay attention to what happens here, because this could change a lot of things in Tinseltown. 

The story will focus on Veronica’s upcoming Neptune High 10 year reunion and a crime that pulls Veronica back into the PI trade. If you’ve missed your friends from Neptune, California, the Kickstarter video is a must see. Apparently a few of them have had trouble moving on. I will now count the minutes until Veronica, Mac, Weevil, Logan, Dick and the other residents of Neptune are back on screen.