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Pickstarter: Explore Creativity with TEMPLE OF ART: THE DOCUMENTARY

Pickstarter: Explore Creativity with TEMPLE OF ART: THE DOCUMENTARY

Why do people make art? It’s not a question that has a single answer. Painters, photographers, makers – everyone gets creative for different reasons. Photographer Allan Amato started asking artists this question when he took their pictures. He made the portrait collaborative by giving the photograph back to the artist so he/she could modify it with paint, decoupage, etc. He’s assembling the finished pieces into a book and is working with executive producers Jon Schnepp, Amanda Palmer, and Neil Gaiman to direct a documentary exploring why artists do what they do. He’s turned to Kickstarter to fund the project.

Temple of Art: The Documentary features over fifty artists that Amato has worked with over the past two years. He meditates daily on art, and while he photographed the artists in the documentary, it was only natural to ask them about their processes and motivations, too. Featured artists include Grant Morrison, Dave McKean, Roman Dirge, and Satine Phoenix among others. It looks to be an insightful and in-depth look at what inspires and drives people to create, and I have a feeling the documentary could be the kind of thing you turn to when you feel like your own creative juices are running low.

Learn more about it from Amato and the artists in the Kickstarter video:

Support levels range from $1 – $5,000. For $25, you get a digital version of the documentary and accompanying book as well as a nod in the end credits. Have $500? You can get a Temple of Art photo shoot of your own with Allan Amato. Other rewards include original art from artists featured in the documentary, prints, t-shirts, posters, and more. Head over to Kickstarter to help the documentary get made.