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Pickstarter: Death Inc, Rivals, and Whiskey Rox

This week in Pickstarter we’ve got a plague infected horde of cuteness, Rival vinyl toys from the deep, and a way to chill your drink we’ve wanted since we saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Pick #1 – Death Inc.

Help spread the plague in the festive and colorful Death Inc. from Ambient Studios. The polished and innovative game has you controlling a bubonic plague infected horde with sweeping “paint controls”. As more serfs and noblemen fall, your horde grows. The 17th century never looked so adorable.

Pick #2 – Rivals – Steampunk Designer Toys

In Edmonds, Oklahoma a design studio called Wheelhouse is making toys from the depths of the ocean. The Cog and the Nautilus are battling for a precious mineral under the ocean. These sleek submarine creatures look great in vinyl and would compliment any 20,000 Leagues or Cthulu collection you already have going.


Pick #3 – Whiskey Rox

Soapstone rocks that you drop in your liquor to keep it cold without watering down your scotch? Someone call the Ink and Paint Club and tell those penguins to switch their mineral providers. The phrase “on the rocks” originated in Scotland when drinkers would chill their drinks by getting cold stones from a river. Whiskey Rox plan on continuing that tradition with their new cold retaining soapstones.


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  1. Cliff says:

    Yeah –

    I was going to say that, too. I asked a question about it on the kickstarter page – curious to know what’s up.

  2. xero says:

    um guys whiskey stones have been around for a LONG time think geek sells em for $19.99usd