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Pickstarter: DANCERS OF WAR

Pickstarter: DANCERS OF WAR

What do you get when you mix Johnny Bravo, Call of Duty, and Depeche Mode? Dancers of War, a musical beat ‘em up game.


Thanks to Johnny Bravo creator Van Partible, Call of Duty weapon specialist Scott Eaton, and Depeche Mode’s Vince Clarke, dance has now been weaponized, and it is up to you to save the world as you groove to Clarke’s original tunes.

And while this comedic third person action dance beat ‘em up game may sound wacky (and a mouthful), the trio is confident in its awesomeness, as they are joined by experts from the animation and gaming industry. Plus, they’ve got dancers! But wait, there’s more — they’ve enlisted the voice talents of Johnny Bravo himself, Jeff Bennett, TV vets Dee Bradley Baker and Charlie Adler, and the illustrious voice of FemShep, the almighty Jennifer Hale.

Need more convincing? Watch their Kickstarter pitch below:

Though it’s likely that the Macarena may knock down a platoon of footloose soldiers, I’m really hoping to avoid laying waste to lands using awkward twerking methods.

With less than a month left, this Kickstarter effort is about $740,000 short of its $750,000 goal. Will you be a hero and dance for your life with other backers?

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