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Pickstarter: Cyanide and Happiness, a Theater, and a Handana

This week’s crowdfunding picks on Pickstarter include an animated Cyanide and Happiness series, a digital upgrade for a prominent art house theater, and a sweatband. Yes, a sweatband. Read on….

Pick #1 – The Cyanide and Happiness Show

If you have access to the internet, odds are at some point in time you were exposed to Cyanide and Happiness. The darlings of the Reddit world (then Twitter, then Facebook, and then 9Gag), Explosm Entertainment has been around for a while with their cleverly absurd, simply illustrated comics. The art style and humor translated amazingly well when the guys started doing animated shorts. Apparently, for the last few years, Kris, Rob, Matt and Dave have been in talks with networks to develop a Cyanide & Happiness Show. But, now the guys are taking the full show directly to the internet. The team at Explosm will be making 8 10-12 minute episodes and, if funding goes well, they plan to make several shorts leading up to the series premiere.

Pick #2 – The Brattle Theatre

I’m a firm believer that art house and revival theaters are institutions necessary in college towns across the country. At a time when students should be expanding their minds with knowledge, they should also be exploring culture and art. Film is the most versatile medium of art to which we have access, and our students need to have that exposure. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Brattle Theatre fills part of this role, using a rear screen projection system that is almost completely unheard of in working cinemas today. Since more and more art films move away from striking prints and rely almost entirely digital distribution methods, the Brattle needs to upgrade its digital projector. They want the best presentation possible and, for an art house, that’s a big investment. They also plan to upgrade their HVAC so audiences can be comfortable, because basking in the warm glow of a movie can only do so much.

Pick #3 – The Handana: High Performance Fashionable Sweatband

It’s called the Handana. I don’t know what it’s for or what it does, but it’s called the HANDANA. Okay, apparently it’s a sweat band that looks more like a rollerblading wrist guard. But, it’s called a Handana. They combined hand and bandana… will wonders never cease?