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Pickstarter: Continue The Adventure With FAIRY QUEST 2: OUTCASTS

Pickstarter: Continue The Adventure With FAIRY QUEST 2: OUTCASTS

Fairy tales may be as old as time, but the familiar stories are constantly being rewritten and retold with varying degrees of success. Fairy Quest offers a fresh and beautifully illustrated take on a world where fairy tale characters are forced to live out their days according to how their stories are written… or else. Paul Jenkins’ and Humberto Ramos’ adventurous story found success with its first installment, and now they’ve headed back to Kickstarter to fund the next chapter, Fairy Quest 2: Outcasts.

The narrative follows the path of two outlaws, Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, as they try to escape and end the rule of the vicious Mr. Grimm. It’s a delightful all ages story with unexpected twists, engaging characters you want to befriend, and lovely art. See for yourself:

The creators had great success using crowdfunding to set the first chapter into motion almost two years ago. I don’t know that Fairy Quest would have found a home with a publisher if not for Kickstarter. Jenkins and Ramos have since granted BOOM! Studios the license to publish the first volume, and BOOM! will eventually do the same with this new installment – as long as it’s funded.

Fairy Quest 2 will follow the format of the first book with 48 pages in an oversized graphic novel. Support levels begin at $5, and the rewards include digital wallpaper, a PDF of the book, the actual graphic novel, coffee mugs, a writing seminar, and more. Head over to the Kickstarter page for more details.