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Pickstarter: Bill Nye’s “Aero,” “Showrunners,” “Axe Cop,” and Projecteo for Instagram

Pickstarter this week is highlighting a videogame from our favorite bow-tied Science Guy, a documentary on the mine field that is running a television show on a major network, and a new way for you to make your digital pictures analog.

Pick #1 – Aero 3D Bird Flight Game with Bill Nye

Our favorite smart guy in a bow tie, Bill Nye, is teaming up with GameDesk to bring us the miracle of flight on our tablets. Aero 3D is a flight simulator designed to teach the physics and aerodynamic principles behind bird flight. The game will have players complete challenges across multiple islands to learn drag, lift, velocity and even gravity. The game is Bill doing what he does best, reaching people in an understandable way in an effort to share science.

Pick #2 – Showrunners

For years putting together a hit show on a network was a thankless job. The people who knew who you were and appreciated your efforts were few and far between, but in the mid ’90s all of that changed, thanks to the likes of Joss Whedon. The showrunner is now a very public and celebrated position on a television show. From JJ Abrams to Dan Harmon, show runners are now the stars of the show at places like Comic-Con, as audiences have embraced and celebrate the minds of the creators of their favorite entertainment. This documentary will take you into the minds of these legendary directors and producers who have made some of the best television of the last 20 years. The doc features interviews with the likes of Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams, Kurt Sutter and many more.

Pick #3 – Projecteo: The Tiny Instagram Projector

Digital photography has drastically changed the landscape of how we view our photos. Kodak is bankrupt and actually getting film developed is a rarity for most of us that have moved on. The Projecteo aims to change that. By integrating an app into Instagram, you can have your photos put on a proprietary wheel that works with the projector to put your images on a wall without having to paint a mural.

Pick #4 – Axe Cop Documentary

If you aren’t familiar with the history of Axe Cop, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Ethan Nicolle thought his little brother Malachai’s stories were so outrageous and good, that he took them and turned them into the comic Axe Cop. To find out more about the book, check out our full interview with Ethan from earlier this year, but that’s barely going to scratch the surface of the Axe Cop saga. To really get to the heart of what’s going on with all of this Axe Cop mania, which includes the upcoming animated series with Nick Offerman as the titular badged hero, a documentary is in the works. Find out who’s obsessed with our favorite axe wielding cop and how he took the world by storm.

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