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Pickstarter: An Incredible Look At Video Games In OUTERLANDS

Pickstarter: An Incredible Look At Video Games In OUTERLANDS

The video game medium is a young and growing one that’s just now beginning to ascend to a similar level of social prominence seen with other forms of entertainment. My, my, how far we’ve come. It’s truly been a beautiful thing to witness, so much so that it inspired the renowned filmmakers at Area 5 to shed some light on the depth of the video game community as a whole.

That brings us to Outerlands, a six part documentary series focused on the people and culture of video games. The series will cover everything from video game preservationist, to eSports, to even sex and interactivity in gaming. You’ll definitely get a unique glimpse at the lesser known ends of video game culture, as you’ll see in Area 5’s Kickstarter video below:

Area 5 is also known for other productions such as Grounded: The Making Of The Last Of Us, I Am Street Fighter: 25 Years Of Inspiration, and Co-Op. As of this writing, the campaign is at $117,030 out of its $210,000 goal, so if you are as intrigued as I am about Outerlands, I’d recommend that you beat the February 15th deadline and visit the Kickstarter page to contribute to this promising production.

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