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Pickstarter: Alamo Drafthouse’s Delightfully Girly Forever Fest

Pickstarter: Alamo Drafthouse’s Delightfully Girly Forever Fest

These two adorable ladies are Sarah Pitre and Brandy Fons, and they have a message for you:

That hopelessly cheesy, classically feminine movie you’ve always had to cherish in private? Everyone else loves it, too. Embrace your guilty pleasure and enter Forever Fest, Alamo Drafthouse’s festival tribute to all things cute, girly, warm-n-fuzzy.

Sarah and Brandy, who run the programming and PR for the classic Austin venue (where you can order Eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys straight to your seat, so pretty much the best place ever), are putting together a whole mess of events and screenings to quell your thirst for cute. Here are some things they have lined up:

-Screening of Empire Records and Can’t Hardly Wait with star Ethan Embry in attendance, followed by a Rex Manning Day party.

-Danceoke: Your favorite cinematic dance routines performed live on stage while the scene plays on the big screen.

– The Cute Show: an adorable clip show presented by BuzzFeed and guaranteed to make you squee.

– The Wild Brunch: A mimosa-fueled salute to the hottest men in cinema.

– Book talk with Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks (creators of Go Fug Yourself and authors of Spoiled and Messy) and Megan McCafferty, creator of the Jessica Darling series.



In order to accommodate the guests, space rental, and slew of events, they’re trying to raise $15,000 — and they’re offering some radical prizes for supporters. From VIP passes to your own balcony at the festival to a screenplay or manuscript critique sessions to a babelicious makeover, there are some very sweet incentives to help make Forever Fest a reality.

If the idea of kicking back with your besties for a weekend of joyous celebration of feel good movies to awaken your inner teen, check out Forever Fest’s Kickstarter for more information. They’re taking requests for your favorite flicks now, so make sure to follow all the updates on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to speed.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure movie or book? I’d say mine is Clueless, but I don’t feel bad about volunteering that information at all. Let me know, leave a quemment below or tell me on Twitter!