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Pickstarter: A Steampunk Western, RiffTrax, and Puppets

This week on Pickstarter we’re highlighting a steampunk western, a comedy commentary on the “worst movie of all time,” and a dark puppet tale.

Pick #1 – Cowboys & Engines: A Steampunk Western

Tired of half attempts at bringing steampunk to the screen, Bryn Pryor is setting out to make a western that truly highlights the look and feel of Victorian alterna-history to the screen. Starring Malcolm McDowell, Richard Hatch, and Walter Koenig, this film hopes to avoid the pitfalls of LXG and the Wild Wild West. It won’t dabble in the joy that is steam-powered automatons, it’ll do a cannonball. If you’re a fan of steampunk, cosplay, and awesome western action, this film is for you.


Pick #2 – RiffTrax wants to Riff Twilight Live in Theaters

RiffTrax has already played in theaters across the country thanks to low or non-existent franchise fees with the films they’ve chosen to lampoon. With their latest endeavor, the gang will be trying to gather up enough green to license the rights to lampoon Twilight in theaters. The mother of all bad movies, made fun of by the masters of mocking muck.

Pick #3 – The Mill at Calder’s End

We know that you know we’re big fans of puppetry around these parts, and Kevin McTurk’s gothic tale The Mill at Calder’s End caught our attention. Described by McTurk as being in the vein of classic Hammer horror films, and heavily influenced by Mario Bava’s Black Sunday, Kevin’s film introduces a unique style of puppetry, the Japanese style of bunraku, into a dark world of mystery.

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  1. Kat the Hobo says:

    I’m excited to see this project happen! What talent. I’d love to work on it (having clay scultping skills myself, I’m impressed)

  2. CXRengel says:

    There’s also 1 week remaining for both the “Superman Lives” documentary & the “unofficial” Inspector Spacetime webseries.