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Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy,’ STAR WARS Edition

Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy,’ STAR WARS Edition

You guys. It turns out that Tusken Raiders aren’t being menacing – they’re just raising the roof! Courtesy fan group Star Wars Tunisia, this version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” with some friends:

Clap along if you feel like you’re from the Outer Rim!


  1. Brandon says:

    I use mine in the I use mine in the car. I also like to have my CDs just? in case my laptop drops dead on me or soinhtmeg. It really just depends on the person. I definitely see what you mean though. But I think a disk drive is great for any laptop.

  2. Christian says:

    Yes. Such a feel good song, I like his direction. Stream Pharrell’s album GIRL now of itunes!!

  3. Justin N says:

    If you love this edition you need to check out the ballroom example!!

  4. Fartbooty says: