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Pharrell Meets Hatsune Miku in JELLYFISH EYES Music Video

Pharrell Meets Hatsune Miku in JELLYFISH EYES Music Video

If you were curious what artist and Jellyfish Eyes director Takashi Murakami was up to, then look no further than the video for “Last Night, Good Night (Re:Dialed) -Pharrell Williams Remix-,” which remixes the end theme for Murakami’s family friendly sci-fi film.

And Murakami has brought along Pharrell and volcaloid star Hatsune Miku for the ride in this eye-meltingly colorful video.

Besides letting you see what Pharrell would look like as a CG backup dancer to an animated singer, “Last Night, Good Night” also provides a couple of quick glimpses at Jellyfish Eyes. We recently spoke to the film’s director about making his feature film debut. Having spent years cultivating his image as an artist (and leader of the “super-flat” movement), Jellyfish Eyes was another nearly one-man show for Murakami, who was involved in every aspect of its journey to the screen.

When asked what he might want to do next, Murakami said “I probably want to do an animated Jellyfish Eyes.”

As for the video, speaking with the Creators Project, Murakami explained the concept:

“Somewhere in the eternity of outer space, Pharrell, Miku, and the composer of the song, livetune, are describing my film, Jellyfish Eyes, to a seemingly heartless robot audience. Somehow the film’s message manages to reach the robots emotionally and cross the boundaries of time and space. Pharrell provided me input once with regard to the outfit his character wears but other than that, he gave me complete creative freedom.”

Jellyfish Eyes will have a limited run throughout the U.S. this Spring. L.A. residents can catch a screening at the Theater at Ace Hotel on May 30th.

HT: The Creators Project