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Peter Serafinowicz Does World Cup Commentary with Reggie Watts

Peter Serafinowicz Does World Cup Commentary with Reggie Watts

Now that one of the globe’s biggest sporting events is under way, World Cup Fever has predictably taken over much of planet Earth. The most recent U.S.-Portugal match netted a reported 18.22 million viewers between ESPN and Univision, making it the highest rated U.S. soccer match ever. By the way, this match is only part of the preliminary group stage. While that’s certainly all very exciting, the commentary for the various matches leaves much to be desired. Specifically, the humor that, let’s say, brilliant comedians Peter Serafinowicz and Reggie Watts would bring to a match would make it worth it to actually listen to the in-game commentary.

Luckily, Peter Serafinowicz has been doing just that.

On Mixlr, Serafinowicz has been doing his own version of World Cup commentary that’s so damn funny that you don’t actually need to be watching the game to enjoy it. In fact, if you’re intent on watching the game, it may be best to listen to it afterwards. Perfectly impersonating a British announcer typical of a World Cup match, Serafinowicz gives the sort of insight that one would give if one was guessing how to call a soccer/football match. He did this in his music video for Hot Chip where the match that he “called” unraveled into a celebration of love.

Already, he’s “called” USA vs. Ghana as well as the aforementioned USA vs. Portugal where he’s joined “in booth” by Reggie Watts, a master at sounding like he knows what he’s talking about.¬†Serafinowicz and Watts make for a great commentating duo should they choose to do this for the duration of the World Cup or even beyond. Maybe, Serafinowicz will actually get to produce his specially designed boot, too, if this keeps going.

What else would you want to hear Peter Serafinowicz and Reggie Watts do absurdist commentary for? Let us know in the comments below.