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Peter Capaldi Wrote a Report Card for The Doctor

Peter Capaldi Wrote a Report Card for The Doctor

Peter Capaldi is already getting cheeky about Doctor Who. The UK charity Cecily’s Fund asked him to provide a report card about his time in school for an upcoming celebrity auction fundraiser. The group works with orphans and young people in Zambia and provides them with access to education. Rather than looking back on his own past, Capaldi completed a report card for the Doctor. He doesn’t give the Gallifreyan high marks.

The man who will be the 12th incarnation of the Doctor graded himself on the subjects of history, English, sports, practical time travel, Dalek fighting, decorum, and manners. I don’t think he gives his fictional self enough credit since he gives the Doctor an overall grade of D.

peter capaldi report card

He makes some solid criticisms though. The Doctor would obviously excel at history because he’s been around for hundreds of years. However, he has been known to exaggerate, and you can certainly imagine that he forgets key points from time to time. Capaldi also calls him out on using too much “gobbledy gook” when he speaks, and he’s one hundred percent correct. One of my favorite things about the Doctor is his likelihood to go off on dramatic rants.

I’d disagree with Capaldi in one area: the Doctor is okay at sports. He runs around all the time!

I think this improvisation featuring Doctor Who flair is likely to bring in more money than a report card just about Capaldi. The auction opens on June 24th on eBay. Will you be bidding on this collectible?

HT: io9


  1. KQ says:

    and 3 and 10 were both excellent swordsmen.  😀

  2. JumpRaven says:

    Also 11 was a pretty solid footballer.

  3. Michael says:

    Also a rock star soccer player!

  4. SayntMykl says:

    Love it! I contest one point, being Sport: The Doctor is not hopeless. Actually, he is–or at least was during his fifth incarnation–an excellent off-spin bowler and all-around cricketer. Please see ‘Black Orchid’. :)