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Pete Holmes Tells Us Why Wolverine is Just the Worst

Pete Holmes Tells Us Why Wolverine is Just the Worst

“What is a motorcycle made of?” “Glass…and tubes.”

Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what is it that he does exactly? In a sketch that premiered during The Pete Holmes Show New York Comic Con panel, Professor X (Pete Holmes) has an uncomfortable one-on-one with Wolverine (George Basil) to explain to him why his powers are a liability and, thus, he must be fired. Obviously an expert at making it weird, Holmes’ Xavier wastes no time in cutting the Canuck down to size.

Considering he’s already tried his hand at Batman and now Professor X, I’m looking forward to The Pete Holmes Show being a vast repository of superhero-themed sketches. Keeping my fingers crossed for Pete to get all dolled up, Savage Dragon-style.

Who do you think is the worst member of the X-Men? Let us know in the comments below or let me know on Twitter. And be specific.


  1. Kleghmer says:

    This was stupid his power is not the claws he is able to have those due to his power which is SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH and SUPER HUMAN REGENERATIVE HEALING POWER! DUMB CUNT!
    If you’re going to make a joke research first!

  2. Tony da Costa says:

    Hilarious! Please credit the actor playing Wolverine too! The very funny George Basil!

  3. T_ says:

    I laughed, I cried. I almost choked on my breakfast. Very funny…

  4. Andrea Charpentier says:

    Y’know…I always did think Angel was kinda useless. Sooo, he can fly! Whoo, boy! So can almost everyone in the Marvel Universe, but they can do other cool things as well, even Banshee can multi-task his abilities! But Angel? He…just…flies. This suspicion of him being useless was confirmed when the X-Men had to duke it out with the Morlocks to get his stupid ass back home to his girlfriend, Candy. All the Morlocks did was have Sunder knock him in the head afterwhich Callisto cut his pin feathers and tied him to a stake! Yeah. Useless. That’s why Callisto wanted to marry him I bet. Total eye candy and a cinch to keep in check. I will say though, it sure was badass seeing Storm shocking the ever-loving hell outta everyone by winning that knife fight. And then…she CARRIES Angel away cradled in her arms. What a tool.