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People-Finding Tools For Boston

googlepersonfinderboston2013It’s hard, when you’re basically known for doing things with a humorous or at least light touch, to know how to react to a “where were you when?” moment. You know what that is: something huge that everyone alive and old enough to know what’s going on will remember, and it’s usually not good. My personal store of “where were you when?” moments is too full and goes back a long way. I remember where I was and what I was doing for 9/11 (sitting right where I’m sitting now, doing what I’m doing now — writing on a computer), John Lennon’s death, the World Series quake, and way, way too many moments of personal loss. And now, Monday, I walked into Nerdist HQ at noontime, set my computer down, and, just a few minutes later, Dan Casey, looking at his own computer screen, saw the news and told me. Instantly, everything else became secondary. I don’t think I’ll forget that. The rest of the day alternated between a daze and intense, I’m-gonna-get-through-this-day-no-matter-what focus. I imagine that’s how a lot of you felt.

So, that’s where we are, the “where were you when?” moment. If you’re concerned about people who might have been at the Marathon and from whom you haven’t yet heard, or if you’re in Boston and haven’t told everyone you’re okay just yet, I’ll point you towards Google Person Finder, which has a special page set up for people either looking for someone or who might have information about someone in Boston right now. The American Red Cross has a similar page, Safe and Well. If you’re in Boston and haven’t contacted your family and friends, you might want to list yourself at both in case they’re looking for you. (But try to reach out by phone, text, and email if you can) There’s also the Mayor’s Hotline for victims’ families at (617) 635-4500. And you can find out where to give blood in the Boston area (although it’s welcome everywhere, and not just for this emergency) by clicking here.


  1. SadToday says:

    First reaction is WTF? What is wrong with people? I have news channel overload… Thank goodness for sites like Nerdist, an escape from crap-world. And good luck to Chris, who I see over there on his stand up schedule, is due to be funny in New Jersey tonight. Just remember, Chris, people need the funny. Even more so when the real world makes you want to cry.