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Pee Wee’s iPad


  1. LaughingCrap says:

    Now we all know how “Pee Wee”Got his name that little perv

  2. Aaron says:

    man, that globe had a beautiful singing voice

  3. Deltus says:

    He’s done much funnier. Didn’t slam the iPad enough though.

  4. Awesome! I hadn’t watched Pee Wee since the show came back.
    The MaxiPad is perfect for sarcasm.

  5. Wow, It’s been a loooong time since anyone’s been in the playhouse.

  6. Of PeeWee … you’re so 80’s

    P.S. Why does magic screen have to be a girl?

  7. Nathan says:

    hahaha, I used to watch this show religiously as a kid. If it was anything like this I don’t think I would have been allowed to watch it.