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Pedro Pascal Does to Fruit What We Wish He’d Done on GAME OF THRONES

Pedro Pascal Does to Fruit What We Wish He’d Done on GAME OF THRONES

Oh, Prince Oberyn. A man as honorable as he was cocky, vengeful as he was loyal, and, ultimately, he who was [insert your own damn spoiler alert here] taken from the realm of Game of Thrones too soon. We’re still not quite over (nor may we ever be) his brutal death at the hand of The Mountain in the season four episode “The Mountain and The Viper,” and it seems as though neither are a lot of you. Turns out the folks at BuzzFeed are equally as obsessive, and have taken to grieving the only way they know how: by turning something tragic into a series of silly GIFs.

But even better than that is perhaps the content: turns out all we needed to get over the death of Oberyn was — in the words of Mrs. Doubtfire — a quick drive-by fruiting of the murderous sort. To watch Pedro Pascal give it to these varied vegetals with the sort of ire and force we’d expect from a man avenging his own death, is just the sort of salve we never knew we needed. Particularly when he goes to town on those cupcakes and that tomato. (The man really knows how to use his hands, eh?)

We’ve included a few of them below (because, I mean, how could we not) but there are even more at the source if you’re interested.

In what way would you murder the fruit (or veg) of your choice, if it were a stand-in for The Mountain? Let’s hear what sort of murdersalad you all would toss together in the comments.


  1. Geeky says:

    Can’t help but smile. I love the way he double-thumb squishes that tomato. Take that! haha