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Paul & Storm are ‘Right Here With You’

Paul & Storm are ‘Right Here With You’

Wildly successful and loveable music comedy duo Paul & Storm hit Twitter on Sunday with the tease of something new and exciting for their fans the following day. What we were all rewarded with was #2videos2days, a cheeky homage to “Weird Al” Yankovic’s recent domination of the internet with his #8videos8days campaign (by the way, have you emerged from under a swamp rock recently? if so, you should check out the music video for “Tacky” because, hilarity). On Monday, they released “This Song”  which you can watch here:

It has a real commercial and sincere appeal, doesn’t it?

To conclude the run of #2videos2days, they released “Right Here With You”. It has a yacht rock/smooth ’70s pop vibe, and its charming, alarming and downright addicting when you think about it. It’s almost like you can’t stop yourself from watching it over and over and over again. And if that isn’t enough of an endorsement, it features the incredible Doubleclicks, Claudia Dolph, Todd Cooper, Matt Gourley, Jason Charles Miller, and Tony Thaxton. Just see for yourself:

Paul & Storm are pals of Nerdist Industries, and we have loved to see the runaway success of their Kickstarter campaign. The central reward was the album Ball Pit, which features both of these songs and many more. They co-founded w00tstock with Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage, co-produce the JoCo Cruise Crazy, and are generally awesome guys who make us laugh. You can follow them on Twitter at @paulandstorm.