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Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster Animated

One of our favorite bits of TV of the last year was Patton Oswalt’s guest appearance on Parks & Recreation giving a citizen’s filibuster during a town meeting scene. He detailed his idea for what Star Wars Episode VII should be. While only a bit of it was used in the show (it’s only a 22 minute episode, after all), there was about eight minutes of unbroken filibustering to choose from.

PattonAll the stuff he talked about (including mixing the Star Wars universe with the Marvel Universe and Greek mythology) seemed super cool and we wish we could have seen it. Good thing, then, that animator Daniel Spellman has gone ahead and done a visual representation of everything Patton yammers about in front of Leslie Knope, presented here as one of the Nerdist Channel’s offerings for YouTube Geek Week. Of particular interest to us is a three-way space battle between Luke’s X-Wing, Boba Fett’s Slave I, and the X-Men’s Quinjet flown by Reed Richards. It’s things like this which make local government exciting.

Just for fun, here’s the footage shot for Parks and Rec:

UPDATE: Since this video posted, we were alerted to two previous incarnations of animation to this audio. It’s only fair to post the links, so here they are:

Izac Less’ take: click here

And llRoyalty’s version: click here.