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Panda Bear’s “Tomboy” Streaming Now!

Due out next week, Tomboy is currently streaming over at NPR. What we can all learn from this is that NPR kills with kindness. “Hey want to defund us? Suck it, here is Panda Bear’s highly anticipated album a full eight days before it’s due.” And the album is totally worth hearing the extra week early.

Noah Lennox’s ethereal harmonies can fix any soul-troubling quandary with therapeutic, boyish charm. Although there are stylistic similarities to his previous album Person Pitch, Lennox seems to have approached Tomboy with confident minimalism. No doubt there are warm beachy swells throughout the album –“You Can Count On Me” and “Surfer’s Hymn” come to mind –but the whole album consistently accomplishes more with less. Go listen for yourself and let Panda Bear heal your existential woes.


  1. Spacehamster says:

    I first heard Lia Ices music via Nerdist. I’m delighted that Nerdist is introducing me to another artist that I’ll be adding to my music collection.

  2. Mike says:

    Last year, they were slowly releasing songs from this album on itunes. I’m glad the foreplay is finally over! Let’s get it on!!