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Try This At Home with Crabcat IndustriesTry This At Home with Crabcat Industries

Painting and Aging Props? Try This At Home

Crabcat Industries’ Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan are back with another episode of the Nerdist Channel’s Try This at Home. This time around, they’ll show you how to paint and age props for that especially authentic distressed look.

Don’t miss Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay, Tuesdays at 10/9c. Holly, Jessica, and Just Cos host Chloe Dykstra are among the Heroes.

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  1. Anthony says:

    Since you two know Grant Imahara, here’s my pitch for you for the Discovery channel: MythMakers. A weekly show about aspiring set and prop designers with Cosplayers trying to recreate a mythical scene for storytelling or faux-documentary purposes. Hmm, may be too close to a combination of two or more SyFy shows, but that’s alls I’s got.