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PACIFIC RIM Meets GODZILLA in This Fan-Made Trailer

PACIFIC RIM Meets GODZILLA in This Fan-Made Trailer

Last summer, we were treated to a kaiju movie not quite like anything we’ve seen before. Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim pitted giant mechs against monsters from below, and it was one heck of an entertaining, punch ’em up movie. Since Pacific Rim was released in the past year, it’s hard not to picture Gipsy Danger and other Jaegers coming to the rescue when monsters start stomping on cities in Godzilla. YouTube user MOVIECLIPS Trailers imagined a world where Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori come into the picture and take care of business.

“Paczilla” slices together dialogue and scenes from both films and makes it appear as though Gipsy Danger fights the King of Kaiju, Godzilla. I’m all about cheering for the Jaeger pilots, but I don’t think any of them could handle Godzilla. He’s a force of nature, and it would probably take multiple Jaegers to even get his attention. Plus, they’d all have to undergo upgrades so their armor could withstand Godzilla’s wicked atomic fire breath.

Though I know it’s not likely to happen, an Pacific Rim and Godzilla mash-up has the potential to be fun. A movie like that would come with a certain cheese factor, but as long as everyone working on the project was aware of the inherent silliness, maybe they could pull it off. Hey, if we can’t get a sequel for Pacific Rim, I’d be on board for anything that gives me more of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. Maybe it could be a prequel or take place in an alternate universe?

How does the idea of a Pacific Rim and Godzilla combination sound to you? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Geekosystem


  1. Jim says:

    But doesnt the Gypsy Danger run on nuclear power? So wouldnt Godzilla just eat that up haha