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Pacific Rim App Lets You Control a Jaeger

Pac Rim Qualcomm

Just in time for Guillermo del Toro’s city-busting film, Pacific Rim, which pits human-controlled robots (or Jaegers) against enormous Kaiju monsters from beneath the sea, comes a new smart phone app from the good people at Warner Bros. and Qualcomm. Pacfic Rim: Kaiju Battle uses Qualcomm’s Vuforia augmented reality engine, which allows players to control Jaegers and defeat Kaiju in real-world environments. Beat the snarl out of the ugliest weird beast the netherworld has to offer in one of the movie’s premier huge destructo-mechs.

Pac Rim app

That’s the first thing the app does; the second thing is to add Jaegers and Kaiju into photos you take. If you snap a shot from within the app, or choose a picture you’ve already taken from your photo library, you can put in one of the big ol’ bots or hideous beasts to make you friends think you’re hanging out with a tougher crowd… a crowd that can crush zip codes with every step.

The Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle app is out now in the Android store and will soon be available in the Apple app store. Cancel your own apocalypse while you wait for the real one when Pacific Rim hits theaters this Friday.

(Note: Legendary Pictures, co-producer of Pacific Rim owns Nerdist Industries, which remains editorially independent)

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    “Not available in your country”
    Why is there a WB Canada, if WB isn’t interested in market promotion in Canada?