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OVERWATCH’s Least Played Character is Getting a Huge Update

While Overwatch fans are known to bounce between the game’s mostly balanced batch of heroes, there’s one character that, more often than not, sadly goes unplayed. If you already read the title, you know where this is headed: Symmetra, the game’s shield-granting, teleporter-building support hero is about to become a lot more appealing. During the latest developer update, Blizzard announced the exciting news that Symmetra is set to be the very first Overwatch hero to have two ultimates. Hear the full rundown of changes from lead designer Jeff Kaplan in the video at the top of the page.

While she’s a very effective character, she’s often viewed as “overly-situational,” with an ability set that doesn’t necessarily fit into the game’s best team compositions. Blizzard is aiming to change that, though. According to Kaplan, “Symmetra is going to be the first character in Overwatch to actually have a choice of ultimates.”

Because of the time-efficiency issues that have plagued players in the past, Symmetra users will now be able to toggle between Symmetra’s teleportation ultimate, and one that will give her teammates a shield that is much stronger than it was in the past. Her new ultimate will be a shield generator, a built object just like the teleporter, and something she can hide throughout the map. Both objects will have increased health and will regenerate over time, which means they’ll be harder for the other team to take out.



Her existing Photo Shield ability will be replaced by the brand new Photon Barrier move. Symmetra’s Photon Barrier will be similar to Reinhardt and Winston’s existing projected shields, but will instead take the form of an elliptical projectile that moves along a specific trajectory. It will offer players more variety, allowing them to use the new move either defensively or offensively as they move along behind it.

“It’s really effective if you’re hanging behind your time and they don’t have somebody like a Reinhardt,” Kaplan said. “Maybe they have a Roadhog and Zarya as their tanks up front, you can send this projected barrier out in front of you and it sort of signals your whole team to follow with it.”

On top of that, Symmetra’s primary weapon is getting increased range, from 5 meters to 7 meters. As if that wasn’t enough, the number of turrets she can place around the map has been bumped from three to six. If players so choose, they can kick off the match with a literal bang by peppering the map with turrets–adding instant appeal to those who want to use the character or microwave their opponents.

Kaplan hopes that with the new changes, players will opt to use the character more often. The team will be looking at data to see how fans are utilizing her. The updated Symmetra build is now live on the Public Test Realm, so PC players can take her for a spin right away.

Do these changes make you want to use Symmetra? Teleport to the comments below and let us know!

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