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OUTLAST Among February’s Free PS Plus Games

OUTLAST Among February’s Free PS Plus Games

It’s confirmed: being a PlayStation Plus member is the video game equivalent to being an audience member during a taping of Oprah. So many freebies! And as if this month’s PS Plus offerings weren’t sweet enough, February’s brings us yet another excellent bunch for the shortest month.

OutlastThe highlight of next month’s releases is Red Barrels’ vehemently creepy survival horror game, Outlast, which is set to come to the PS4. Surely you heard about this spook-fest at some point last year, as the game went viral due to tons of reaction videos and live streams featuring it around the web. Hell, we even included it on our list of top ten horror games we’re dying to play.


Also included in this month’s Instant Game Collection are the PlayStation 3 versions of Metro: Last Light, Pay Day 2, and Remember Me, as well as the PS Vita versions of Street Fighter X Tekken and ModNation Racers: Road Trip. I tell you, sometimes these PlayStation Plus deals seem a little too good to be true. Let us know how you feel about next month’s assortment of titles down below and for more insight on the included titles, here’s PlayStation with a full rundown of February’s Instant Game Collection.

HT: PlayStation Blog