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ORPHAN BLACK’s Felix Better Watch His Back Because WHOA HOLY CRAP, Paul!

ORPHAN BLACK’s Felix Better Watch His Back Because WHOA HOLY CRAP, Paul!

For weeks we’ve been wondering just where the heck Paul, a.k.a. Hot Paul, a.k.a. Big Dick Paul was hiding these past few episodes of Orphan Black. Was he done for good? Just going to be a rogue show-upper every so often? Last we’d heard, he was going on a trip with Rachel Duncan to Taiwan. Well…he’s back now and apparently he’s learned a thing or two about his shiny, new, upgraded role within the DYAD Institute’s far more sinister version of Clone Club. And, well? He’s completely changed his tune and OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING, PAUL?

Charging in on Felix, the steely faced Paul finally makes his return to Orphan Black in the clip below. And if we’re being honest, Clone Club, we’re more than a little worried for Felix. Given his connection not just to Sarah, but all the clones, homeboy should seriously consider looking over his shoulder, oh I don’t know, maybe every other second of the day? But as a nearly professional conspiracy theorist/anxiety nutter, I realize that perhaps he should seek advice elsewhere. Honestly we’re just a bit surprised it’s taken the DYAD this long to use Felix as a pawn against Sarah Manning, but I digress.

Whatever the case, if he gets out of this alive, Fe should really consider low-profiling it for a bit. If not for himself or Sarah or Kira, then for Alison. Her sobriety and sanity are probably counting on him being there when she gets out. But let us not forget the target of our ire here: Paul! Goddamnit you shiny, blonde Canadian! What did Felix Dawkins ever do to you?

What do you think of Paul’s changed tune? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Oh. My. Fe.  We’d really like to think that Paul is somehow being forced to do evil stuff but if he hurts Felix, Sarah will kill him.