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ORPHAN BLACK’s Ari Millen Talks Joining Clone Club, Plus: Donnie Versus Rachel?

ORPHAN BLACK’s Ari Millen Talks Joining Clone Club, Plus: Donnie Versus Rachel?

By now we’ve all seen the finale of BBC America’s mind bendingly good Orphan Black, right? If not, turn away now lest ye be filled with spoilers (and turn our comments section into an unholy warzone). The Castor to Tatiana Maslany’s Leda has finally sprung forth into the world and will be embodied by the impressively unsettling Ari Millen in future seasons, and the actor is only just now starting to understand the full gravity of the situation he’s gotten himself into.

Hey Tatiana — we sincerely hope you give him a pointer or two beyond “welcome to the trip” and “dude, [it’s] complex.”

While chatting with the hosts of Space Channel’s InnerSPACE (it’s a Canadian thing), Millen explained that only after watching the episode with friends that “it’s kind of dawning on me now, that it’s real,” to which Donnie (a.k.a. Kristian Bruun) could only reply, “step up, bro!” because “there’s eleven, esé!” wasn’t really tonally appropriate.

But speaking of Bruun! The actor revealed a tasty little tidbit about a scene that was left on the cutting room floor involving our newly revitalized husband of Alison and the hard-nosed pro-clone Rachel Duncan. Oh what we wouldn’t give to see Donnie 2.0 really serving up some anger to an utterly befuddled and unamused Rachel. But don’t worry, it’ll be on the DVD extras so we’ve got much to look forward to once that little bit of paraphernalia is released unto the world on July 15th (so soon, you guys! So soon).

So what do we all think Millen’s in for in the as-yet-unconfirmed season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments!