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ORPHAN BLACK Playlists: Be A Clone Of All Trades Like Cosima

ORPHAN BLACK Playlists: Be A Clone Of All Trades Like Cosima

We’re back with installment number two of our *wickedly* radical Orphan Black clone playlists! Today, for you’re listening pleasure, we present the exceedingly eclectic mix for our favorite dreadlocked clone, Cosima.

Ah yes, our geek monkey-turned-scientific-experiment. Cool girl/smartypants Cosima is the brains behind figuring out all the intricate, imperative crazy science behind clonehood. She’s very sick (several clones have been, with one dying as a direct result of their semi-mysterious illness), but her passion overrides any handicap. She’s a bastion of progressive ideals: she’s a weed smoking lesbian that doesn’t care for your labels or interjection of personal ideals and morals into anything she does. Ixnay the contrived-ay, eh?

With a good head on her shoulders and a heart to match, the former Berkeley, California-based PhD student is everything you’d expect her to be: eccentric, a little erratic, sharp as a tattooed tack, and hyper-passionate in all aspects of her life — scientific or otherwise. And throughout season two, she’s managed to make what seemed impossible actually possible. She’s in love with her monitor, arguably working for the enemy, and trying to stay alive against all odds. Cosima is a wearer of many hats and a juggler of the seemingly counterintuitive. So is her playlist, in which you will find a multifarious mix of math rock, IDM, reggae, soul, jam band material, and more.

Let us know what tracks you think best characterize Cosima in the comments below and on twitter at Nerdist Music! Stay tuned the rest of this week for more Orphan Black clone playlists!

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  1. Tracy says:

    She Blinded Me With Science is particularly inspired, post-Season 2 final.