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ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Has Locked Up Mary Steenburgen for Season 3

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Has Locked Up Mary Steenburgen for Season 3

Now, the news available on this is scarce at best but allow us to add to the chorus of joyful voices: Mary Steenburgen will be on season three of Orange is The New Black! As in, Lynda Dummar from Melvin and Howard, Karen Buckman from Parenthood (the movie), Clara Clayton Brown from Back to the Future (the TV series), Emily from Elf, Helen Girardi from Joan of Arcadia, Nancy Huff from Step Brothers, Josephine from Bored to Death, and Diana Jessup from 30 Rock. As in, one of the most delightful actresses of our time. And she’s coming to one of the most delightful shows of our time! Thanks be to Netflix.

Now, we have no idea about the following: who she’ll play, if she’ll be an inmate, how long she’ll be on the series, or anything like that. But does it really matter at this point? This is Academy Award-winner Mary Steenburgen we’re talking about, folks. That’s all one really need to know in order to be on board in this scenario, eh?

The actress tweeted the news herself on Thursday morning on her way to a wardrobe fitting for the series. By the content of her tweet — “Will I be in orange or black?:)” — leads us to believe it’s quite likely she’ll end up an inmate, but I mean, of course we would guess that. This is a show about a women’s prison.

Whatever the capacity we find Steenburgen on screen next season, who cares. We’re just glad she’s going to be there.

Anyone else excited about the news? Sound off about it in the comments!