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OnLive Introduces Steam Library Streaming With CLOUDLIFT

OnLive Introduces Steam Library Streaming With CLOUDLIFT

OnLive had been the quiet kid in school for quite a while, with the likes of NVIDIA’s Grid and PlayStation Now dominating the cloud-based gaming headlines. But Wednesday, OnLive returned from obscurity to present CloudLift, a service that allows users to stream content through multiple digital game services.

cloudliftSteam is among the numerous platforms that can be paired with an OnLive account and streamed onto various devices regardless of their specifications. There’ll only be a select number of titles supported for this at launch; Saint’s Row IV and Batman: Arkham Origins are among the 20 that will available when the service launches at $14.99 per month.

This is pretty much the opposite of what’s going on over at Twitch TV, who announced the implementation mobile game streaming early Wednesday, but there’s potential for this to be pretty awesome. Let us know what you think of OnLive’s triumphant return in the comments below.