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One More “Community” Season 4 Trailer

One more Community Season 4 trailer? One more.

This one has a crisis involving the History of Ice Cream class leading to a Hunger Games parody, costumes galore, “garbage dip,” science, personal grooming, an Inspector Spacetime convention, and so much more. Again, if you’re concerned about the show’s direction post-Harmon, take a look and see if you’re feeling more or less comfortable.

The wait ends Thursday at 8/7c, NBC. City TV in Canada. Don’t know about other territories. You’ll find it.


  1. Jack Thompson says:

    “Ratings arenโ€™t a good indication of a a showโ€™s quality or success, if they ever were, especially since they are so unreliable. ”

    It isn’t about quality or success, it’s about advertising dollars. According to the metrics NBC uses to price ad time, nobody “valuable” watches Community, so Community has to go.

    The problems with this, mostly done to death, revolve around those metrics, and around Neilsen in particular, metrics which favor live-viewing from middle America and complete ignore (or mis-weight) mobile, web-based, young people under the assumption that because they tend not to spend money on the products where the ad money is (cars; insurance; beauty products) that they have no economic clout.

    It’s pretty ridiculous, which is why innovative media like this will move away from the mass market that is TV and onto the web.

  2. Not comfortable. All the segments of this preview might be a part of a great episode, but the combo looks a bit…much. I just don’t get why Harmon had to be taken out of the equation. Ratings aren’t a good indication of a a show’s quality or success, if they ever were, especially since they are so unreliable. Still, I’m glad the show is back on. At least it wasn’t cancelled like the last show I was this excited about.